More than 25 years of experience

Benkan Vietnam manufactures highly sustainable products centering on stainless steel piping system for Japan.

It has been more than 25 years since the company was founded, including the manufacturing consignment before the company was established.

Taking advantage of our track record, we have started sales expansion to everyone in Vietnam and neighboring countries.

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Products of Benkan Vietnam
“Our products have served many different purposes, mainly supplying cold water, hot water and air conditioning, widely used in hotels and hospitals, schools, high-rise buildings.”

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VIETWATER 2023 là Triển lãm và hội thảo quốc tế về Ngành Cấp thoát nước, Công nghệ lọc nước và Xử lí nước thải tại Việt Nam.
One of the typical connection methods for pipes is the "thread" connection. Its characteristic is that due to its spiral structure, there are two main types: male screws with threads on the outside and female screws with threads on the inside, used to connect parts. Benkan Vietnam also has many product lines that come with "screws".   However, "thread" also has two types of "male thread": "R (taper male thread for pipes)" and "G (parallel male thread for pipes)". For "female thread", there are "Rc...
BENKAN Vietnam is a unit specializing in manufacturing and trading mechanical joints for stainless steel pipes. And our priority is quality management. The products that BENKAN Vietnam provides are not just finished products when shipped. Only when our products are used by customers for installation does it become a finished product Therefore, in total quality management (TQM: Total Quality Management), we have three major management systems. Source Control means that from the manufacturing stage of...
As a business develops, standards for quality, performance, safety, dimensions, testing methods, etc. are essential. Standards are a collection of common rules (arrangements) called "standardization" that have been established. The purpose is to "reduce, simplify, order, and unify things and matters that would otherwise become diverse, complex, and disordered if left alone." First, each company will conduct internal standardization. However, if each company works according to its own standards,...
The reason why stainless steel is resistant to rust is due to the formation of a chromium-containing oxide film called a "passive film" on its surface. In addition, even though it is simply referred to as stainless steel, it can exhibit a variety of different characteristics by changing the content ratio of ingredients and processing methods. For example, austenitic stainless steel used for general piping such as water supply and hot water supply in houses, such as stainless steel fittings made by Ben...
Metal machining can be divided into two types: machining that removes material and machining that does not remove material. Mechanical processing at BENKAN VIETNAM is a main production stage, and we are using NC machine tools to produce products in the Casting line.
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